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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 26, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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every night. happy thanksgiving to you, and whatever you do, give thanks. you have a lot to be thankful for. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity," and happy thanksgiving. tonight for the hour, we will bring you some of our biggest moments and most important monologues from the past couple of months. first up, democrats, the mob, the media attacking president trump from day one, but now those same trump haters, they have done a 180 and are now pushing for unity. okay. here is my monologue exposing that hypocrisy. i want to start with this tonight, and i want to start by saying this: because this is important. the double standard that we are watching with the mob and the media is beyond disgusting, repulsive, sickening, and sad.
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and let me tell you why. that is the same mob and the media that spewed never-ending, nonstop, psychotic rage and hatred for four years and lied to all of you about so-called trump-russia collusion. what were they arguing for for three years, four investigations prove didn't happen, that donald trump and his campaign had colluded with russia to influence and steal the election from hillary clinton. that was their argument, and they dragged the country through hell, and never had a bit of evidence, for three long years. four separate investigations proved otherwise. ironically, the only russian interference we did find, in 2016, was hillary clinton's dirty, bought and paid for, russian, disinformation dossier. and the media mob and the democrats harassed this president, harassed we, his
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supporters, four straight years, with lies and conspiracy theories, always questioning the legitimacy of this presidency. they are now making empty calls for civility and unity, pretending like none of that ever happened. they never accepted the election results in 2016. but in seconds, "joe biden won, let's tell the world." what a bunch of hypocrites. this is why the mob is so corrupt as an institution. and we will do what we always do. we are going to tell you the truth and get to the bottom of it. take a look. >> now, let's give each other a chance. [applause] it is time to put away the harsh rhetoric. >> a president-elect who is committed in word and deed to uniting this country. that becomes the new american political story. >> this wasn't a people for
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people to bring this country back together. we need unity in this country. >> president-elect joe biden using this, first speech since his victory to try to unify the country. >> the american people want us to cooperate. that's going to be a tall order in washington, d.c. we'll see if anybody on the other side of the aisle is willing to try to cooperate with him. >> sean: you, the american people endured this entire b.s. conspiracy theory campaign against the president for four straight years while they ignored any story that was bad for biden and hillary clinton. they ignored all of it. they outright supported censorship, the legitimate biden family corruption scandal, yeah, big tech contributing to joe biden's campaign, they wouldn't even let you read the story and decide for yourself. they let joe biden hide out in his basement bunker without
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having to answer, really, a single tough question. biden was in the media mob, big tech, candidate protection program the entire campaign. and they all know what happened with ukraine. they know joe bragged, they know he got the prosecutor fired, he leveraged a billion dollars, and hunter made millions. they know about china. they know about the wire transfer, with russia, the russian oligarchs, the mayor of moscow's first lady. they didn't care. these are the same people that now want to lecture us on political discourse and civility and demands for a free and fair election. and now all of a sudden, we are supposed to submit to their power without being able to ask a legitimate question, as people come forward and say, "by the way, i wasn't allowed to follow the law and observe the vote counting on how this election was conducted" or we are just so forget they are vicious, vile attacks over the last four
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years. well, excuse me, i'm sorry, that is not how this is going to work. at least not in this program, during this hour, and other hours off friends of ours here. i won't and cannot, we cannot be intimidated into silence. we are not going to be lectured by the same media frauds and democrats, you know, the ones i called us chumps, irredeemable deplorables, sexist, racist, islamophobic, smelly walmart shoppers, yeah, we cling to our god, our guns, our constitutiond bibles, while they have been feeling blind rage of every second of every hour of every day. by the way, in case you forgot -- i doubt you did -- take a look. >> is this president trying to impersonate hugo chavez? president erdogan? vladimir putin? >> he said today, americ ameri first, -- >> he is not of sound mind.
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he got someone, you clinically look at and say there's something wrong there. >> needs to be medicated and hospitalized. >> you can truly say his words have absolutely emboldened white supremacist. he has given oxygen to racists. he is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. >> is the president racist? >> look at his remarks. he has made racist remarks. >> we have a treasonous president. >> the very fact reasonable people can disagree on whether we are talking about trees and a high crimes and misdemeanors and what have you, i find genuinely shocking. >> this is someone in deep psychological distress. >> sean: pushing their conspiracy theories, false, on russia, a year on ukraine. i dream an awful lot about blowing up the white house, madonna said. and is the last time an actor assassinated a president? johnny depp said. the severed head.
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another great moment, the outrage and indignation. what about the lies they told for four years and never accepted legitimate c of donald trump's election. that's we've heard since the day donald trump and melania trump came down the escalator at trump tower. now people coming out telling stories that they were not allowed to do their job, which is allowed by law to watch the vote counting, we are not supposed to let them talk. we are supposed to ignore it legal poll watchers telling us they were denied any real opportunity to observe the counting. remember, it wasn't just about the president. there are over 70 million of us, more than ever in the history of the republican party, that voted for the president this election. they hate us. they are very clear about that for four years. they never tried to hide it. and i will be very frank with all of you, i am not exactly fond of them either. now their ridiculous calls for "unity" when they were anything but united for four years, now the left is continuing to spew
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more hate, more rage, anti-trump psychosis, as you just heard. michelle obama, she is jumping in. let's remember the tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division. oh, i guess so much for when they go low, we go high, we are going to followed the eric holder model, and fake jake tapper at cnn echoing the same sentiment, sending what appeared to be a veiled threat against trump supporters, "at a certain point, one has to think about not only what is best for the nation, -- did cnn do that when they were lying about trump-russia conspiracy? the peaceful transfer of power, but how any future employers might see your character defined it during adversity. we watched your character for four years, wasn't that impressive to me. future employers? what does that mean? now, you want to build a cnn
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enemies list? is that what he's talking about? did you or did you not ever tweet out support that you like donald trump? is that the message? so tonight, it is perfectly clear, america's most powerful institutions will do anything and everything they can do to destroy the president and his supporters. they don't care about our votes. they haven't cared about four years of this, and ask yourself this: do you believe, or even a second, that the mob and the media didn't notice how frail, how weak, how often confused and cognitively, well, challenge that joe biden is? how about that? do you think they didn't notice? because many of them, quietly, even confided in me, "yeah, he is a mess." that is called the media mob candidate protection program, and they are also the very same people telling you that you can trust them and want you to believe that the bizarre counting process that we are seeking -- which is legal, taking place in a close election, totally normal, but
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you know better. frankly, i am sick of all of these people. >> sean: up next, my monologue on how the far left socialists are gearing up to impose their radical agenda on you, the american people. take a look. >> all right, now socialist democrats tonight are continuing to plot their far left take over of a future, they hope, biden administration, eager to push doom, gloom, far winter joe as far as possible and unleash what will predictably, based on their stated policies, be a destructive progressive agenda on you, the american people. and i remember, joe biden already put these far left promises all in writing. remember the biden-burnie manifesto this summer? now, here's what comrade bernie had to say about all of this on fake news cnn. promises made. >> what do i expect? that they will come forward and keep their word in maintaining
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and legislating on the proposals which we agreed to. yes, i do. investing $2 trillion in combating climate change and creating millions of jobs as we move away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. what i have gone further? yes. are they significant proposals that protect the needs of working families? yes, they are. >> sean: that was followed up by congresswoman, california congresswoman maxine waters claiming biden is ushering in the new dawn of a new progressive era. take a look. >> on november 3rd, america decisively rejected president trump, his dangerous rhetoric. the american people have given president-elect biden a mandate to govern and reverse the harmful policies of the trump administration. we are emerging from the dark days of the trump administration come into the dawn of a new
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progressive america. >> sean: and not to be outdone, fellow socialist elizabeth warren also praising the biden-harris agenda, calling it the most progressive economic platform ever. far left filmmaker michael moore now amplifying calls to abolish the electoral college, so new york, california, new jersey, illinois, they will take your president every four years. let's be clear. this new, extreme, radical democratic socialist -- even lawless party, they are on a quest to power at all costs, and they are vowing to destroy everyone and everyone that dares to get in their way, including members of their own party. for example, look at this tweet that was sent out by the real speaker of the house, congresswoman ocasio-cortez, showing her staring down west virginia senator joe manchin in response to his tweet slamming this whole "defund the police" movement and insanity. even nancy pelosi cannot ignore the wrath of this new crop of
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progressive radicals come as far left groups now this week slams the speaker over her now infamous ice cream stunt, remember, in the spring, calling it an unforced error. that hurt the party's messaging and lead to unexpected losses for democrats in the house last week. pelosi, schumer, biden or under more pressure than ever to surrender to socialist extremists inside their party, policy to personnel, this crop of radicals, they are not interested in any compromise. we know they have no desire for real civility. we watch them the last four years. they want cabinet positions. they want to top influence. they want all the power, no matter what it takes, and it's why all eyes are on the state of georgia, why did this election, january 5th, yeah, is very important. that would be for david perdue and kelly loeffler, to ensure that, well, they are in office in january. you keep the senate and republican hands as some check, as some balance, because we need
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to stop this power grab right now, or say hello to, let's see, two new states, four new democratic senators, democratic majority in the senate, possibly in perpetuity. packing the court, no more electoral college, and yes, more doom, gloom, dark winter lockdowns. because get this, one of joe biden's covert advisors already scheming to implement a nationwide 4-6 week lockdown that would further decimate the economy and the lives of working men and women, and it's even worse, got another advisor, dr. zeke emanuel, he wants any vaccine to be first distributed globally, across the world. guess what? america last, instead of fellow citizens here in the u.s. that sounds like, yep, america in last place. meanwhile, new york governor andrew cuomo continuing to play politics with a life-saving vaccine, suggesting he won't even accept distribution of a vaccine developed under the trump
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administration without a separate review process. here now, author of "before and the america future," former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. i mean, what they are saying, you're the great historian, you are a professor, what they say that they will do, is predictably going to fail, and let's see, elizabeth warren, bolshevik burnie, aoc, kamala harris, well, a weak, frail, cognitively struggling joe, michael moore, no electoral college, i think they mean all of it. >> oh, i'm sure they meet all of it, and i'm sure at this moment of seeming victory, they are giddy with excitement, the two people who ought to be happy out of what you just reported are kelly loeffler and david perdue. because this clarifies the georgia senate runoff perfectly.
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loeffler faces the most radical democratic nominee in the entire country, raphael warnock, and of course, david perdue is up against john ossoff, who is a solid, complete, 100%, obedient san francisco radical fund-raising machine. so, i think every time, from here until the runoff in georgia, every single day that the left does something stupid is a big gift to loeffler and perdue, and to remind the american people how really vital this is, because you are exactly right, they win, mitch mcconnell blocks disaster in the senate. they lose, and kamala harris breaks the time, so kamala harris and the democrats get to decide what to do. it is about as big a gap of the future of america as you can imagine. >> sean: far left democrats
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are doing everything they can to make sure biden will fully embrace the most radical socialist agenda. here is my monologue on that. a message to the radical socialist democrats and media mob and big tech: be careful for what you all work toward and wish for over the last four years. what do i mean about this? i have been thinking about this a lot. all of you democratic socialist, democratic party, with the aid of your willing accomplices, all things democratic socialist, an extension of your press office, the media mob, and your big tech cohorts, may have successful -- you may have been able to hide, yeah, joe biden, during this campaign, which i would argue is a massive scandal in its own right, and you certainly never asked the week, frail, cognitively struggling former vice president any tough questions, never asked, for example, about his praise of a former klansman or working with that former clansmen to stop the integration of schools, didn't want his own kids going to
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schools that were racial jungles, you never asked that, not once. he never gave a real answer, to my satisfaction, on court packing, but i'll say this: good luck if your dreams come true. and your friend joe is going to be hiding, hiding biden in the white house. here is a hannity prediction: if your dreams come true, you better buckle up, because i predict what will be, i'll use the term, greatest political schiff show on earth will unfold before your eyes, and to be honest, with biden, we all know that this script is going to write itself. you know it, too. every democrat i know admits they cringe every time he opens his mouth. oh, and guess what? you own all of this. you covered biden, you covered for biden, you never invented biden, you even let him hide away half the year in his basemt bunker, and you are fine with that. good luck trying to defend this predictable mess the next four years.
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good luck defending programs that, well, socialism has failed everywhere it's been tried, it will fail spectacularly. and by the way, i do promise you, i will be reminding people every single day, of how you failed to do your job. failed the american people. if your dream comes true. biden will become your nightmare, but unfortunately, it will be the countries, also. and i'm going to add, i honestly hope i am wrong. i hope i'm wrong. for the sake of this great republic. and i hope, by the way, for the people of this great republic. they are the people that truly make america great. cnn, msdnc, cbs, abc, nbc, "new york times," "washington post," all you big tech giants that went all income anti-trump for four years, joe biden, pro hiding biden, if i'm right, the american people will never trust anyone, not that they do much now, the media mob, big tech, the democratic party, ever again, because you will be
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exposed as institutionally corrupt, abusively biased, and never to be trusted. and notice, no republicans are having hissy fits on tv. none are saying "we are going to move, we are going to" or "this -- and all of the craziness we have heard in the past. people aren't reacting that way people they are saying "count every legal vote." you kind of prove it over the last five years. you have broken it, and you will not own it. >> and coming up come on this s, with the help of lawrence jones, we exposed how democratic run cities are in a state of crisis. that next is a special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ashley strohmier.
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the u.s. supreme court blocking new york restrictions on houses of worship. the justices splitting in a 5-4 decision with the majority saying these regulations are "far more severe than has been showed to be required to prevent the spread of the virus." new york governor andrew cuomo noting the restrictions have already been removed, saying the ruling as "irrelevant" from any practical impact. president trump planning to hold a rally in the battleground state of georgia, supporting two republican candidates facing runoff elections coming, and senators david perdue and kelly loeffler, both republicans need to win for the g.o.p. to have majority control, giving them greater ability to block president-elect joe biden's agenda. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines come along on to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, so it is no secret, many democratic run cities across the country, they are in crisis. we have been exposing some of
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the help of our friend, lawrence jones, how democratic mayors, governors are seemingly unwilling or unable to put a stop to the destruction in their own cities. why? i don't know, but take a look. we begin tonight with new york city. it is deteriorating before our very eyes. all because of what is the pathetic leadership of the mayor, de blasio, and a governor, cuomo. just take a look, america. this is just the beginning of what defunding the police looks like and a preview of what joe biden's america will be like. these two lunatics let violent crimes out of prison en masse using coronavirus as an excuse, they allowed felony offenders, get out of jail scot-free within hours after their arrest because of these idiotic new york law, a $0 bail law, you get arrested, you get released, it is like that. to top it off, comrade de blasio, the mayor has now slashed the nypd's budget by
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$1 billion. the tragic results, they speak for themselves. shootings are up 73% over last year, murders up 29%, there have been over 11,000 felony assaults so far this year. cuomo, de blasio, they should be ashamed, because safety and security is the number one job of any elected official, and they are failing. and that is only the tip of the iceberg. now police are a constant target of violent attacks, hundreds of new york city police officers have now been injured in recent weeks, many seriously, police have been bashed in the head with sticks and canes and bricks and rocks and fire extinguishers and bottles and molotov cocktails. they've been run over by cars, they've been stabbed, they've been shot. one man tried to take down an nypd helicopter using a laser, you know, the ones that blinded three officers out west. over 300 nypd vehicles have been
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damaged since the start of the "peaceful protests," costing the taxpayers of new york city and new york state a fortune. look at your screen. just this week, officers surrounded by an angry mob, pelted with rocks and bottles during an arrest they were involved in. officers were attempting to serve a warrant on an individual who was wanted for destroying nypd cameras. but as police attempted to put the suspect into an unmarked police van, a crowd tried to physically prevent police from doing their job, and they made the arrest violent, as you can see. in a statement, the nypd said, "the warrant squad's unmarked vehicles to effectively locate wanted suspects." of course, despite this official policy, well, comrade de blasio never misses the opportunity to trash the police, antennae, the mayor actually scolded the officers. he accused them of making an arrest at the wrong place and the wrong time.
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mr. mayor, just when is the right time and the right place to make an arrest? especially after the perpetrator commits tens of thousands of dollars more in damage. meanwhile, this morning, 2:30 a.m., and other angry, they showed up at the home of the new york police department commissioner, his name is commissioner shea, with loudspeakers and sirens chanting "if we don't get no justice, you don't get no sleep." new york city is now in a state of perpetual crisis, and to top it off, homelessness, drug use spiraling out of control of public view. it has become so bad that one four-star hotel has been turned into a homeless shelter for drug addicts. according to a report from "the new york post," the section of midtown manhattan, also happening in the upper east side, the prestigious upper east side, now filled with addicts shooting up heroin in broad daylight, full public view. it is so bad that discarded needles are lining the streets, which brings us to tonight's of "hannity" special investigation.
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we sent our own 2020 correspondent lawrence jones to new york today to find out exactly what is going on and what he found should shock the conscience, but remember, a preview of coming attractions if biden's america became a reality in 97 days. here with more, fox news correspondent, 2020 correspondent, investigative reporter, lawrence jones. lawrence, you learned a lot today. >> yeah, good evening, sean. as you know, we have been covering american cities in crisis, and these cities happen to be run by democratic mayors, and new york city, isn't any different, residents are fearint individuals openly shooting up drugs with needles, and they place the blame squarely with their mayor, bill de blasio. take a look. >> so how long have they been around here? >> three months they've been here. since the shutdown, they have been here every single day. >> and they've been shooting up?
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>> shoot up, and we poll cigarettes, people attack us. >> what are the leaders do? >> nothing. >> and you say it is not that bad because you come from san francisco? >> yeah, i mean, back there, i don't even see it anymore because i just -- i'm kind of -- i'm kind of numb to the whole thing, see people shooting up. >> what do you think about new york being compared to san francisco and skid row? >> it's getting there. >> who do you blame for all of this? >> the mayor. >> the mayor, de blasio, he is responsible? >> absolutely. >> have you ever seen -- >> never, ever. >> there have been more shootings in new york city since last year, people shooting up on the streets, businesses boarded up -- >> absolutely. >> a lot of people have compared it to the '80s. >> i was here in the '80s. it's very true. before the giuliani era. it's starting to degrade back to that again.
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>> you state is like the '80s. >> yeah, i survived that. >> businesses boarded up. >> de blasio has basically taken us back. >> who do you blame for all that is happening in the city? >> i blame the mayor, bill de blasio. this was a thoughtless act. >> they would rather pick up a gun and find a person. >> now sean, if only that was bad enough, we saw the caps of the needles everywhere. they decided to clean it up today after "the new york post" report, but now they are putting homeless individuals in four-star hotels, but only thing is, they didn't tell the residents that are currently staying in those communities. they aren't happy. take a look. >> they moved the homeless population across the street here. are you concerned? >> i'm a bit concerned, especially as a woman come at
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night, because i work at night, and i come home late, and just during the day, i saw one guy across the street, with drugs. >> the whole dynamics of the community have changed. >> do you support them doing this in your community? >> not really. >> do you believe the mayor made a bad move? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> it's being done because he is to get them out of settings where the covid thing can spread. you have to put them somewhere, individual rooms, and i think it is very well coordinated and supervised if it works. >> not since the early '80s come and i have seen so many drug deals go down -- >> right, right. >> i don't want those things to come back. >> sean, as you can see in the video, these local businesses have to hire private security to protect the patrons from the homeless people that are strung out on drugs. the people want to make it very
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clear, they are not anti-getting homeless help, they want to be consulted, and is a four-star hotel really a place to put them? back to you, sean. >> sean: you saw people literally shooting up -- by the way, we're not talking about, say, more crime-ridden areas of new york. midtown, the "expensive" upper east side of new york? >> yeah, we are talking about the expensive side, sean. we not only saw them shooting up, we saw them prepping their drugs right in this area, as well. and of course, when i talked to residents, and say, "why aren't the police enforcing the laws that are on the books?" they blame the mayor for the defund the police mess that he has, disbanding the anti-crime unit, saying they feel the officers that they used to see on a day-to-day basis feel like their hands are tied and they don't want to lose their jobs or their livelihood. >> sean: didn't we also see pictures of defecation, not
6:35 pm
unlike what you saw in san francisco, people urinating, defecating in the streets? >> talked to one form or you san francisco resident, he feels numb to it because he has experienced this before. >> sean: lawrence jones, great reporting as always, thank you. and coming up, my interview with 30 jobs host micro, we talk about america's resiliency during covid and much more. ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right, this year, amid the covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, it's important now, more than ever, to really appreciate american strength and resiliency and hard work, and i spoke with "dirty jobs" host -- and by the way, he also narrates
6:40 pm
"deadliest catch," i love that show -- mike rowe come about this and more. joining us now for more about supporting americans in a time of need, getting americans back to work, mike rowe is with us. you know, i watch the show, and i love "deadliest catch," too, i know you're the voice overcome i wish i had your pipes, the injuries, the risk, you know, 4n i'm a crabber -- it's crazy. and the roughest conditions. i am amazed at how great americans are, and i think during coronavirus, if we ever stopped -- manufacturers stopped manufacturing and akers stopped packing, truckers stop trucking, new york, where i am,. >> that was the premise of "dirty jobs" from the job, shining the light on people who are keeping the lights on, usually out of sight, out of
6:41 pm
mind. "deadliest catch" was a page out of the same playbook, early on, 2002, 2003, we began to realize that reality tv could actually be used, you know, to do something a little more laudable than a lot of what you see today, so these are -- these are very modest shows come on the one hand, they are also extraordinary honest, and what you said before is probably the most interesting four letter word in the country right now. i refer, of course, to "risk." risk is always with us. and in the age of coronavirus, we suddenly realizing that we have to balance our willingness to assume risk with the business of living, and with the business of being safe, but, right, not at any cost, and so the country is having a huge conversation ay of risk, and all of that, shows like "deadliest catch" and
6:42 pm
"dirty jobs," the profile people who are used to assuming unusual levels of risk, it is instructive, and it is always fun when the headlines catch up to the themes in a show. and i've been lucky, in that way, that's been happening to me for the last 20 years. >> sean: you know, i think back, and my audience is going to get mad because i'm going to repeat myself. i've washed kitsch dishes, a cook in a restaurant, washed dishes by hand, a busboy, a waia bartender. that was almost a decade of my life. then i went into construction for almost a decade, and i painted houses, and i hung wallpaper, and i did framing and roofing, felt two and a half stories off a roof, busted and dislocated my arm, didn't have any health insurance, but i got a job two weeks later, it's the best thing that ever happened to me, you know, and it keeps me grounded, because this business of tv, i've got to be honest, it's not as hard as those jobs
6:43 pm
that i did, and nobody really said "hey, great job." the used to say "here is your check, get out of here." >> if you really look at it like a ladder and you believe in some semblance of a chronology, then the most important rungs on thet to the ground. they are the ones that allow you to climb, and if you remove those wrongs, if you remove those jobs, and if you take, somehow, if you arbitrage that experience out of people's lives, then they would never wind up where they ultimately get, and so, look, we talked about this before. i have a foundation called micro mike rowe works, we try and help people who want to learn a skill that is actually in demand. in fact, this month we're giving away a million dollars, we do it every year, and it coincides with our road trip on "dirty jobs" come of it to your point, it's not for four year degrees, it's not for the typicl
6:44 pm
jobs that we view as aspirational, it's for plumbers and steamfitters, welders, mechanics, it's for heating and air-conditioning specialists and electricians, and if anybody in your audience is interested in hitting the reset button and learning a skill that is truly in demand, it's the single best thing i've done is the foundation that evolved out of "dirty jobs," and that is a big part of the reason i want to reboot that franchise. i agree with you. i think our country needs to see examples. >> sean: listen, want to know what makes america great? those people. the people that work hard every day to provide the goods and services that we want, need, and desire, that give us the standard of living that is the envy of the world, where everybody wants to come here, and a lot of those jobs are hard, and they don't get the thanks enough, and all deserve it, and i can tell you, the guys
6:45 pm
in "deadliest catch," please tell all those guys come all of those captains and all of their cruise, i am their biggest fan. i watch it on a loop, i watch it so much. >> i'll tell them. i see them all the time. when i got to tell you, i saw an interview on your show, a guy named mr. anderson, extraordinary interview, and he said -- i actually wrote it down -- he said "i don't want to say things just for saying it," and it was a remarkable interview, but that really struck me, and i think so many people in our country today are saying things just to hear the sound of their voice, and just to win an argument, or just a club somebody over the head with some new piece of data. and i'm doing the best i can to keep my mouth shut, by and large, but shine the light on the people we feature on our programs, because they are the most persuasive, and the best case i've seen for the undeniable truth that you can still prosper by learning a skill and mastering a trade.
6:46 pm
>> sean: amen. >> and we have forgotten that in this country, and we have forgotten the fact that risk is not always the enemy. risk is part of the reason we are compensated. it's part of the reason we are alive. and the shows you love, which you've been kind enough to mention, and the shows i'm involved with, they celebrate that, and that's very much for sale here in 2020. >> sean: and coming up, might interview with actress kirstie alley after she faced intense backlash from the left, why? she supported donald trump. that's next. ♪ with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s.
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i ashley strohmier. president trump said he will leave office if the electoral
6:51 pm
college declares joe biden's victory. president trump also continues to discuss voting fraud and attacking voting machines. >> just so you know -- certainly i will, certainly i will, and you know that. but i think there will be a lot of things happening between now and the 20th of january. a lot of things. massive fraud has been found. we are like a third world country. we are using computers that can be hacked. >> meanwhile, president-elect joe biden's x giving address offered messages of hope, telling people this season will "give light and unity." i'm ashley strohmier. now back to our "hannity" special. ♪ >> sean: now actress kirstie alley faced intense backlash from the left after she announced on twitter her support for president trump. i spoke with her about this and much more.
6:52 pm
well, first of all, you are brave to come on this show. i give you a lot of credit. you will be hit hard, prepare yourself. welcome to my world. the water is warm. you should got in hell. you don't have a brain. they've attacked your deeply held and personal religious beliefs. why? why do you think it is that vicious -- >> you know, they always attack the same three things. i'm a scientologist. but this has been going on for 40 years. i am sort of prepared. that is basically all they have to offer, so, i honestly don't take it too personally, because i feel that people are angry and have the right to say what they want to say, and i have the right to block them if i don't like the way they speak, and why did it happen? it's funny, because i've been talking about trump now for several months, and the other night, i put out a tweet that simply said that i voted for him
6:53 pm
the first time, and it's because he's not a politician. then i got all this flood, thousands and thousands going, "do you know the definition of politician? you know a politician is?" and i do. i knew they knew what i meant, he is not a career politician. we have a history in this country of people -- not as much, currently, but people of different occupations, like farmers and tailors and oilmen and businessmen and generals, coming in and servicing our country as the president of the united states, and even many of them, when they left, they went back to their other jobs, so i like that trump has a lot of energy. i like that he -- he has more energy than any human being of every actually seen, and the big thing that i was mentioning that tweet was that i really tired of career politicians, i'm tired of paying people to do nothing and take way too long to do it, and i feel like -- this is what i
6:54 pm
would do to solve this. sean, they should have a base salary, and then, they should be paid if they have any accomplishments. they should have a base salary, and for every accomplishment -- >> sean: don't hold your breath. >> a performance bonus. >> sean: you know, you spoke -- i've read your twitter feed. you are against socialism, against career politicians. you also said something, you took on joe biden, which are very few people will take on, and that was on the issue of race. he prays, as his friend and mentor, a former klansman, and he partnered with that former klansmen to stop the integration of schools because he did not want kids going to schools that were racial jungles. why does hollywood except that, if you are a liberal democrat, which they would never accept from anybody else? >> i don't know. it's why i, you know, have to just think for myself. when your calfs are
6:55 pm
constantly -- when he said, you know, what did he say? "you ain't black if you're not voting for me," and the constant gaffes that have actual racist overtones, and i'm like, no, maybe get one where you accidentally said something inappropriate -- >> sean: oh, it is not one. >> it's pretty constant. >> sean: let me just say this -- >> it is constant, instant didn't? those racial slurs. >> sean: let me just say, you have a lot courage. i admire you for doing it, and i can accept liberal views. they ought to be able to accept our views, but they can't. thank you, kirstie, best of luck. more "hannity" right after this. ♪
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♪ >> that will wrap up the special edition of > the "hannity." we wish you and your family very
7:00 pm
happy thanksgiving, tough times but there's always a lot to be thankful for. set your dvr, never miss an episode and let not your heart be troubled. i hope you and your family have a great night. ♪ >> laura: this is laura ingraham and this is a special thanksgiving addition of "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. for months we've been warning you that this would happen if biden was elected. more edicts, more rules, more lockdowns and now advising, don't mingle with family this week. of course. don't take my word for it. listen to the experts that joe gets all his advice from. >> we usually have a very large thanksgiving dinner, we are going to have that this year. >> i'm going to forgo all the thanksgiving dinners this year. >> you want to take a couple steps back and say is it worth it for this year to bring those people